Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whoooohoooo Cuttlekids

Lookie lookie lookie what came in the mail yesterday...... yep so i decided to make this card with the ocean friends diea... Yes, this is from none other than the Cuttlekids... I thought they were so adorable. and the dies are so light....... just had some time this afternoon and deciced to play a little.... Thanks to Mo for taking the plunge with me to buy this new machine. And my kids love it too....

Free Stamp!!!!

Hi there - i just received another order of TAC stamps....why? Because now I have so much more room...since they take so little space, I can take them where ever I want to and when I am done the binder goes right back on the shelf( I will take a picture of it later)...But check this out..... with every $30.00 you spend with TAC, you are eligible for a free stamp....and yes you guessed it...the butterfly is one of them.... this card ( as you can tell) was made with one stamp....one of 15 stamps you can choose from...now....how cool is that?.. If you are interested please visit my website Click Here or you can always email me bebe@hawaii.rr.com ...just wanted to share how something free can be so easy and so cute.....love it... Have a great day!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

How sweet it is.......

Ain't this just beautiful.... Got it from my upline from The Angel Company

....Nancy is such a sweet person the welcome me to TAC...I am having so much fun with their stamps and products. Love it...all very high quality....Just wanted to share how lucky I was to receive such a great card today...Thanks so much Nancy!

The top card is non other than Jen. what a creative card to make with our hostess set....lovely isn't it?