Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Twin Happiness.....

A lot of people ask me "How do you do it?" Referring to my 2 year old Boy/Girl twins. So I decided to post some of twin happenings

1.When do you find time? When they are asleep...When my Mom and Dad comes to help me....

2.What do you do when they go in two different directions? Split my self in two.....nah.... I usually run after one, grab em' and run after another one.. the easiest way.... keep them together.

3.Who do you carry when two of them wants to be picked up and snuggled at the same time? You carry both because although you will break your back, that is nothing compared to breaking your heart.

4. Do you have to buy two of the same thing? No, you can buy one or a different one, and encounter endless, fighting, whining, crying and screaming. ( I suggest you get air conditioning , so you can close your windows, so no one will call the cops or CPS)

5. Do you get enough rest? Do you thing I look this tired on purpose? Normally I look like Cindy Crawford. But then again who does?

6. Don't they get into everything? Yes they do... so it is important to anticipate the worst. Did I get upset when they glued my card stock together...naw.... not those two angels.

and the number one question that I get all the time...... Are they identical and are they natural? I tell them identical ,,you know, means same-same. One has boy parts and the other one has girl parts. to be identical they must be the same.... (stop laughing, an educated person has asked me this). And what the heck is an unnatural twin anyway...

But all in all I am very lucky to say the least, they are very good, and so much fun. I could never ask for better kids... It's a lot of work.... but double the rewards... Which, brings me to this card. The reason why I can handle....because my girlfriend has triplets... all girls... okay if she can handle three... two should be a piece of cake. So I decided to send her this card just because... Okay thank you for reading my long Corny story...Have a good one and keep stamping...


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just Bee-cuze I like you!

I love this stamp set, the impression of the bee is great.... this card is so simple but yet so cute. I used TAC stamps ( of course) paper from Sam's
Club ( thanks, Mo) and black gel ink pen from sakura. Stamp ink by none other than TAC.
I made this card today bee-cuze, it reminds me never to take things for granted. I remember this day 6 years ago. My husband woke me and turned on the news and I sat up in bed in total shock. Many of my friends and and spouses of friends left to Iraq. Some came back and some are still there. I keep them in my prayers and hope that they will come back home safely. I am grateful for the sacrifices they made and are making for my freedom...To say " thank you" just seems so inadequate.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My scrap buddy and one of my best friends Mo, had her cds is a plain envelope...and being the bling person that I am I decided to alter it. I actually made my own CD holder with TAC Cardstock, PP by basic grey, flower by prima,rick track by walmart, seed beads from Ben Franklin, words by computer and cutesy stamps by none other than The Angel Company then I added some velcro on the back for closure. Hopefully she likes it..... I did it without asking her...oooops...well that's all for now...